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The Briançon Casino Is In The Hands Of Circus

The Briançon casino has finally found a buyer. This is the Belgian company Circus. Indeed, even if it does not yet have a very great notoriety on the French market, it is beginning to make a place for itself. After the Barrière group, the management of the casino therefore passes into its hands. This is the third establishment belonging to Barrière, which the company has just bought.

Casinos Open To The Public

The Circus company has a very specific objective by buying the 3 casinos of the Barrière group: Leucate, Chamonix and Briançon. It also plans to offer casinos offering quality offers, but which will be open to all. Thanks to this strategy, the Franco-Belgian company wants to become a major player on the French market. It wants to stand out by providing quality, but offering greater accessibility to the general public by being affordable.

The Circus company is made up of 2 shareholders. The first is the Circus company which is of Belgian origin. He already owns two casinos. These are the casino of Spa and that of Namur. The other part is held by the Société française des casinos, which owns 49% of the company. She is already the proud owner of several casinos: the casino of Chamonix, Gruissan, Port-la-Nouvelle, Châtel-Guyon and Collioure.

Modernization: The Watchword Of Circus

For the Franco-Belgian company Circus, the objective is to bring a touch of modernity to the casino’s offers. For this, it obviously intends to make investments. It also wishes to offer new games offers, also integrating new generation machines at the cutting edge of technology sg online casino free credit. Among other things, it plans to integrate electronic roulette into its machine park.

The Circus spokesperson emphasizes, however, that the ball always turns naturally, the entire machine is not electronic. The only electronic functions are gambling and payment. It must be said that the company has a lot of plans for its new casino. It intends in particular to make a development which will be intended for a smoking area. Other spaces will also be created in the coming months.

However, at the beginning, the takeover of the Briançon casino was far from being won. Negotiations with the town hall were very tough. The issuance of the public service delegation took time, because between the company and the city, there were legal problems. However, Pascal Pessiot told the press that the agreement is currently being reestablished.

As for the Barrière group, it seems that it is determined to maintain its strategy of only retaining its large establishments. It must be said that sales are linked as we have already mentioned in our previous articles. The group wishes to concentrate their efforts on large establishments with theaters, casinos claim free credit singapore , some hotels and restaurants. Under the leadership of Dominique Desseigne, the Briançon casino had an average turnover of 2 million euros each year. 5 casinos of the group have already found a buyer: the casino of Chamonix, Leucate, Briançon, Besançon and Jonzac.

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